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Deposit For Orders

At Furniture Imports Ltd we like to offer customers selective payment methods so it reduces inconvenience and encourages customer to purchase online without worrying about the authentication of a business
Paying for a product should be straight forward and usually drives hesitation in each one of us. Customers have been stung in the past and we understand how you feel when it comes to payments. This is why we have introduced a payment method which helps the customer as well as us

Deposit is to show commitment to the sale. By the customer paying a deposit it shows that the customer accepts our terms and conditions and is obliged to pay the full balance of the product. If a deposit is taken via the site for a made to manufacture product then the deposit is non refundable. We also accept payments via BAQS Transfer

Each business has overheads and made to manufacture goods cost. If a order is cancelled after 24 hours of placing then the deposit is non - refundable. We aim to put products into manufacture as soon as the deposit is paid. This allows us to manufacture the product and deliver the item within the time frame agreed by the Buyer And Seller. We aim to provide a smooth transition service and in order to do so time is always at the essence

Deposit confirmation will be sent to your email address once it has been paid

Please make sure you input an Email and a Contact Number. Also supply product details via Facebook or Email to our team so they can update the system. Product details are manually typed into the order/note section during the last stages of checkout

If you are having difficulty please dont hesitate to call us on our sales hotline 01924 267 469, alternatively email us on

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