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Thank you for taking the time to view our luxurious Crushed Velvet wing chair. Be the envy of all your friends with this hand crafted velvet chair. Not only will you get a fantastic looking chair built to your own specifications but you will also have a talking point when your friends come round. Crafted from the highest quality velvets purchased direct from a UK manufacturer you can be assured of the quality. Also our timbers are sourced from local retailers so you can be assured your sofa will last as its backbone will be built on UK produced Timber. the chair is as comfortable as it is easy on the eye. Perfect for reading a book when its quiet or catching up on your favourite T.V. Show. As this is a bespoke build feel free to contact us with your ideas for colours or choice of legs etc. Remember you can dream it and we will build it. A sample of swatches and custom built corner suites can be seen below. Thank you for your interest in this one of our finest products